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"I know meal prep is time consuming and take-out is expensive. That's why I've created these healthy and comforting meals for you. These are the same foods and recipes that helped me lose 100 pounds and keep it off with a positive mindset. More importantly, eating delicious meals like these helped improve my relationship with food and taught me to love food that loves me back. I cannot wait for you to try them!"

- Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N.

Quinoa, chicken, and green pees dish.
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17+ Grams Protein
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5+ Grams Fiber
Calories icon
350-550 Calories
Sodium icon
Less than 800mg Sodium
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Dairy & Gluten Free


Designed by Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., Dietitian Nutritionist, bestselling author, and mom of three, who loves delicious food even more when it's delivered straight her door.  Ilana Muhlstein's menu is full of flavorful and fresh meals that are high in fiber, quality protein, and non-starchy vegetables.
The entire Ilana’s Meals menu - is dairy free and gluten free and focused on a high-fiber, low net carb, plant-forward approach with abundant non-starchy veggies and quality protein. The meals have healthy fats as “accessories,” and moderate calories and sodium to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
The nutrition behind Ilana’s Meals is very much aligned with the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, with lots of diverse and nutritious, fresh options for you to choose from.
All of Ilana’s Meals are high in fiber; NO less than 5 grams in every meal and often more.
Veggies Most: all of Ilana's Meals are abundant in nutrient-dense veggies. Most meals have at least 2 different varieties of satisfying veggies.
The meals are low in carbs, with carbs coming mostly from veggies, with no more than 50g net carbs in every meal.
Ilana Meals are rich in heart-healthy fat sources like olive oil, fish, nuts and seeds.
Ilana Meals are high in quality protein, with AT LEAST 17g protein per meal. Many meals have upwards of 40g protein per meal so you stay fuller longer.
Meals vary by zip code. I work with chefs across the country and deliver meals within a regional radius to ensure freshness. My menu changes often so there are always plenty of new items to choose from. If you see a meal you'd like to try, but don't see it on your weekly menu, email me at so I can share your wishlist with my culinary team. We appreciate your feedback.
Ilana sitting on counter eating an Ilana Meal.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Ilana Meals.
What if I have allergies and intolerances?
If there are certain ingredients you'd like to steer clear of, you can always add it to your list of Ingredients to Avoid. Once you've added ingredients to this list, we'll take your omissions into account while we curate your menu or while you're choosing your meals for the upcoming week. Also note, that every Ilana Meal is gluten free and dairy free.
Are these meals kosher?
At this time our meals are not certified kosher. If you are interested in Ilana Meals expanding to be kosher please fill out this form, to let us know that you’re interested and where you live.
Will these meals help me lose weight?
Every person has different nutritional needs and lifestyles. Ilana Meals makes no promise of weight loss results.
Are these meals vegan?
We pride ourselves on offering meals everyone can enjoy. This includes a menu of vegan meals full of delicious options! When ordering, you can select the "Vegan" filter to see all of our vegan meals. Our menus rotate weekly, so be sure to check back for new options often.
When is the deadline for choosing my meals?
Our order deadline closes each week on Thursday at 11:59 PM. In order to receive meals for next week, you would need to place your order by Thursday at 11:59 PM (local time). Any order placed after the deadline will arrive the following week.

Please note: This deadline also applies when you need to skip or pause your order.
How do I place a subscription order?
By opting into a subscription order, your chosen plan will come your way each week with no additional steps required from you, plus you'll receive a 5% discount off your order each week! There is no commitment with a recurring order, and you can pause your order or skip a week at any time.

While our subscription order offers you the convenience of an auto-generated menu, we highly recommend our customers take a peek at their menu each week to ensure they are receiving the meals that sound best to them. You can customize your meals any time before the order deadline closes on Thursday at 11:59 PM (local time). Each week payment for your recurring order will automatically process after that deadline closes.  

While the subscription order is great and easy, we recognize that it doesn't work for everyone. If you do not want a subscription order, be sure to turn the toggle off to Save With A Weekly Subscription at checkout. Once the toggle is grayed out, you have successfully opted-out of a subscription order.
How do I place a non-subscription order?
Before clicking place your order, take a peek at the toggle to Save With A Weekly Subscription. If you do not want a weekly subscription, you will need to switch the toggle off. When the toggle is greyed out, you have successfully opted out of a recurring order.
Are you available in my area?
We operate in several cities locally and are also available to most states through our national shipping zones.  To find out if we are available in your area, click here to get started!  If your zip code is not yet within our delivery zone, you can sign-up to be notified when we are.

If your zip code is not yet within our delivery zone, fill out this form to be notified when we are.