Are You Overeating And Not Realizing It

Overeating Triggers

Have you ever asked yourself “why do I overeat?” If you have, then you’ve probably had a thousand thoughts pop into your head but could never narrow down the “why’s” of it.

It’s okay if you haven’t as there are many triggers that cause us to overeat on a daily basis. Here are a few triggers to watch out for to help yourself from overeating.

1. Friends

You would never think that your friends could be a trigger, but the people around us play a big part in why and how we eat.

For example, you may have friends who insist on ordering extra fried appetizers, bread, or desserts for the table. This can make it hard for you to stay focused on your healthy choice. One tip to continue dining with these friends is to meet for lunch rather than dinner. Lunches can be simpler to navigate, especially when it comes to skipping the dessert course and alcoholic drinks.

2. Stress

As humans, we misinterpret the symptoms of being hungry which drives us to overeat. There’s a good chance you’re not hungry but you’re really looking for a distraction.

I get it, life is stressful, but before running to grab some food, take a moment to think about it. It helps to ask yourself, “what am I using this food for?”
You might only need a big glass of water, or a quick walk around the block to put your mind and tummy at ease.

3. Overthinking Your Diet 

Our current diet-obsessed culture can be confusing to navigate and cause overeating. I coined the term “mindset hunger” as a way to explain how people eat according to what their mind is feeding them.

For example, many people overeat following a workout because they feel that they “earned it.” People also may overeat because they are trying the intermittent fasting and eat excessively during the eating window. Most diets that cut out certain food groups lead to overeating at some point as well. If you are following one of these diet plans, make sure that they are actually working for your physical and mental health.

4. Confusing Hunger for Habit 

Eating throughout the day can become casual and habitual. A handful of nuts here, little pastry there, it adds up.  It could be that you are simply thirsty and are looking for a change of taste or thing to do. Try taking a couple of deep breaths, and drinking water or making yourself a cinnamon tea latte. It will help calm you and give you the power to control how and what you eat. I just discovered the best cinnamon tea.

5. Unprepared

When there are no groceries and prepared veggies around, it’s easy to raid the pantry for snacks or order in too much food. Keep your refrigerator stocked with easy to grab proteins like Greek Yogurts, Turkey slices, and lots of snackable veggies. Keep your pantry empty of low-fiber foods like pretzels, chips, crackers, and sweets. In no time, you’ll be feeling fuller and no longer overeating.

This tea has been a game-changer for me when I am craving something sweet in the afternoon and want to curb my hunger to prevent mindless snacking. It also tastes amazing mixed with coffee. It’s like drinking a cinnamon roll- only it’s actually good for you! Here’s a video for how I make it extra delicious, but a splash of almond milk and some natural sweetener works amazing too.

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