Food Shaming on the Rise

Where it is coming from

Food shaming is related to the unfortunate rise in fad diets and uneducated “nutrition gurus.” Registered Dietitians are the utmost nutrition experts, and yet, any influencer with a social media account has been effectively able to dispense nutrition information, much of which is not only inaccurate but also potentially harmful. When impressionable people listen to advice delivered with a strong conviction from someone they’ve grown to trust, people believe it and begin to cast judgments on themselves or others who don’t follow or comply.

Many judgments around food are also created by food companies looking to profit from these food fears by capitalizing on their expensive products. If a company helps demonize gluten, for instance, then they may have more success selling their more expensive gluten-free cookies.


How it impacts our health

When a person is paranoid or in a state of anxiousness around food, it could cause a rise in cortisol in the body. This activation of stress can cause inflammation which could not only lessen the absorbability of nutrients but also cause issues associated with irritable bowel syndrome. It could seriously affect a person’s mental health and wellbeing and potentially cause social isolation as well. If a person feels as though she will be judged based on her food choices, she may avoid social situations such as hosting friends or meeting people for a meal.

Causes stress

Additionally, if a person believes only certain trendy foods are healthy than she may have issues budgeting her finances in order to support her food plan. As mentioned, many judgments around food are created by food companies looking to profit from these food fears by capitalizing on their expensive products. The stress involved in paying for expensive food can also cause issues.


Can cause weight gain and inflammation

Not only can these food fears and judgments lead to inflammation but it can also cause weight gain. Stress has been shown to increase a person’s cravings and appetite for high-fat high sugar food, which will certainly affect their experience trying to lose weight. Additionally, many foods that are “healthy,” are not healthy for weight loss. For instance, many blogs and social media accounts promote the health of acai bowls. These smoothie bowls are incredibly caloric and can have 3 doughnuts worth of sugar.

Someone may cast judgments on food that isn’t organic, gluten-free, non-gmo and vegan for instance, but overeating foods that fulfill those claims can still cause a rise in body fat.


We need to change the conversation and improve our relationship with food and our bodies 

My program, the 2B mindset, is a perfect program for anyone wanting to learn how to eat for health and weight loss. Not only am I a Registered Dietitian making sure all of my advice is credible and research-backed, but I myself have lost 100 pounds following the plan and have kept it off. It is incredibly effective at teaching you to eat well, reach your goals, and live with a more positive mindset around food.


A healthy way to view food

Food is not the enemy. So many people focus on what they “can’t” have or what they must “give up” in order to lose weight. When you shift the focus back on yourself and realize that you get to make a choice of what your body needs to get the results you want, it begins to reshape your relationship with food. With the 2B Mindset, you learn what foods to eat and when for optimal weight loss, which empowers you to make the best choices, because you will finally have the knowledge to do so. It helps quiet the noise and chaos in our minds— and in the world— around food.

With the 2B Mindset, you will learn all the strategies you need to shift your mind and behaviors to view food in a healthy and positive way. And that’s the true treat!


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