As individuals who are creatures of habit, what we see is what we eat. This also applies to what we smell, touch, taste, and even hear whether that is the sound of popcorn popping or a sssizzzling steak getting cooked! Therefore, I always say:

 Out OSight, Out OMind aka OOSOOM

We have a lot of power when it comes to controlling the food that we consume daily.
Here are  3 steps to making better choices in the kitchen:

Clear your kitchen counter top of the sliced bread, jars of cookies, and bowls of candy.

Replace those items with things to immediately quench hunger such as water, boxes of cherry tomatoes, and bowls of fruit.

Create other “stations” that encourage a healthy lifestyle, such as a tea or coffee station. You could also set up a Shakeology station with your favorite flavor of Shakeology next to a blender for a quick smoothie.

Coming Soon!