Another #ilanaSimpleSwap for you! This time- sushi!

Well, it’s never wrong to start your day with sushi because it’s never too early for sushi.

Check the recipe below for our Sushi Healthy Swap Edition:

Weight Loss

  • 1 brown rice roll with veggies and protein
  • Large poké bowl over greens

Weight Maintenance

  • 2 brow rice rolls with veggies and protein
  • Edamame as side

Weight Gain

  • 3 brown rice rolls with veggies and protein

A little history of how I came up with this series (before others begin to copy it). I am obviously a weight-loss guru who has maintained a 100-pound weight loss and wrote a bestselling book on the subject. But, I’ve also grown like crazy on TikTok because I’m also a silly dancer and social media nerd.

The kids on TikTok didn’t quite resonate with weight loss as much as they wanted to know how to gain weight healthily. I wanted to show them that it didn’t have to come from donuts and soda. Weight and muscle gain can come from wholesome and healthful foods that benefit the body beyond size.

These are, of course, just ideas for inspiration. Every food and serving can fit within a healthy lifestyle. It is just meant to help those seeking a greater sense of nutrition knowledge.

What goal are you after? What food do you crave most!?