I couldn’t be more excited to partner with SodaStream. I first heard about this Israeli- based company years ago. I always admired their ingenuity, but for some reason, never made the purchase. It’s such a shame because my family and I went through hundreds of cans of sparkling water in the last few years! I’m not exaggerating.

Thankfully, I recently visited my brother in law and new wife’s home and spotted a SodaStream on their counter. My sister-in -law started raving about it and told me she uses it exactly 6 times every single day to help her reach her water goal. I was instantly impressed. She walked me through the super simple steps and poured me my first glass. I was sold! It was so crisp and satisfying, I kept reaching for more.

My only regret is not buying one sooner. SodaStream is so much more sustainable than buying cans, even if you recycle them, like we’ve been doing. It’s also more affordable!

My kids call it bubble juice. We always have some at the dinner table and my husband and I drink tons of it in bed while watching tv or working at night. It’s a huge help in combatting late-night eating.

I keep cold fruit infused water in the fridge and use that as my base and started using the soda stream natural fruit flavors as well. The grapefruit is so refreshing. I’m super excited to experiment further and use it for some wine wine spritzers, cocktails and mocktails this season.

If you’re looking for a gift to give yourself or others to enhance a healthy lifestyle, this is an excellent choice.


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