Ilana has helped over 200,000 people lose weight and improve their health.

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Just wanted to say thank you for creating 2B mindset!!! Down 39 lbs since starting last year!

Kristen S.

Thanks you Ilana! – 45 lbs and feel like a completely new person! All thanks to the 2Bmindset!

Katie F.

1 month, 15lbs. gone.

Ruth S.

What my mind and body has accomplished in less than 6 months.


2.5 months of pure bliss change.


At 6 month weigh in lost 34.5


Anybody need a reset after some less than stellar holiday choices.

Hopeful Fitness

Throwback Thursday – 9 month weightloss journey.

Blondie Fitlife

Not 10 years, but oh god I felt so OLD in that first pircture.

Ayele T.

Crushing it with 2BMindset.


Now 6 months in and so far…about 60 pounds and 30 inches gone!


What’s your fitness motivation?


I always said I’d start Monday, but really I was just using it as an excuse to eat.


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