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My best tip for @kidbliss is to look to the right. It may take an extra minute of patience and planning, but you can do it, and it works.

✔️If at a restaurant, look at the adult menu and ask your waiter if she is willing to help you. Sometimes I order my son Julian a plain burger patty and a side of avocado.

🍔🥑It’s never on the menu like that but they can do it. Then, I’ll take other foods from our meals and share it with him.

🍌He is always looking for a banana for dessert, which gives him the carbs and potassium he needs to keep moving.

💪🏻🧠This way I know he is fueling his brain and muscles with healthy fat, protein, iron, vitamins A, D, and E.

🕷🌺It may tug at your nerves as they whine. But with a positive distraction (like a spider or cool flower), they’ll later see that you care.

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