Fuel Your Body To Maximize Its Performance And See Results

Top 6 Foods for Fitness 

Nutrition for athletic performance is not just for competitive athletes. Everyone who exercises regularly should think about fueling their bodies to maximize their performance and results.


It is best to keep things simple and light to avoid cramping and bloating.


Bananas – Put best by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, “bananas are an all-natural, pre-wrapped energizer that’s filled with potassium and carbs to give muscles what they need.” It’s a great source of carbs pre-workout to fuel active muscles.


Oats – Oats are great prior to a long workout because they contain resistant starches that are slower to digest, which is optimal for a workout requiring sustained energy like a long bike ride.

Bonus Booster

Energize – While this is a supplement not, a food, it is my must-have pre-workout choice. If you are working out early in the morning and aren’t hungry, you need Beachbody Performance Energize. It has about a cup of coffee worth of caffeine, derived from green tea extract to get you on your toes. It also contains beta-alanine that helps to create a buffer to the acid build up in the muscles so you don’t feel the workout burn as much. This allows you to increase your workout intensity and get the most out of your time. It also has quercetin, a phytonutrient, which targets the mighty mitochondria and can increase endurance.



I recommend water and/or adding an electrolyte supplement to your water if you are sweating profusely or working out longer than an hour at a time.


Raisins – Many long-distance runners and cyclists rely on simple sugar foods for sustained energy like sports gels and jelly beans. However, raisins are a much better choice for endurance athletes. They are inexpensive, portable, convenient, and contain 34g of carbs per small box. They also contain resveratrol, which can help repair muscles.



Cherries – The anthocyanins in tart cherry juice have been studied for their ability to decrease muscle soreness.




Beachbody Recover – Recover is a supplement containing whole-food ingredients. It is only 130 calories and has 20g of protein from a blend of whey, pea, and casein which creates a fast, intermediate and slow uptake of protein to the muscles. There is also a plant-based option. When you consume protein after a workout it improves the muscle rebuild to optimize the work you put in. The protein blend also contains all essential amino acids and includes branched-chain amino acids, aka BCAAs. All of our muscles contain BCAAs which is why it’s effective to consume them for getting tight and toned. It also contains clinically tested levels of polyphenols from pomegranate extract, which can help you feel less sore after your workout.


PB – A spoon of natural peanut butter post-workout can be helpful because peanuts are a rich source of resveratrol, a polyphenol, that fights inflammation. It also contains healthy fats, protein, fiber, and minerals that can help you recover. You may want to mix a tablespoon into your chocolate recover shake with some water and frozen cherries for an optimal post-workout recovery shake!

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My favorite foods and treats I get for the fam and myself. Enjoy some great tips and ideas for you to try out!

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