I was inspired by a recipe by Hungry Girl which used black beans to make brownies but found a way to make the recipe just a tad less bitter (by using chickpeas instead of black beans and subbing out 1/2 the cocoa powder for PB2 chocolate peanut butter powder) and more portion-controlled (by using a cupcake pan to make 12 servings rather than 8). The results… DELICIOUS!!!

You can make these for a kids birthday party, for dinner party guests or even for yourself to eat as part of a breakfast!

Ilana’s Heavenly 70 Calorie Brownies:
Prep: 15 minutes Bake: 30 minutes

One 15-oz. can organic garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drained and rinsed 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup PB2 Chocolate Powder (buy it if you don’t have it.. #lifechanging)
1/2 cup (about 4 large) egg whites 1/3 cup unsweetened organic applesauce 1/3 cup canned pure organic pumpkin 1/4 cup stevia (like Truvia spoonable calorie-free sweetener)* 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1/4 tsp. salt 3 tbsp. mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (or regular sized chips chopped up like below)

*if you prefer to use real cane sugar, substitute the 1/4 cup of truvia for 1/2 cup of sugar, this will make each brownie 100 calories each

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Generously spray a cupcake pan with nonstick spray. Place all ingredients except chocolate chips in a food processor. Puree until completely smooth and uniform.





Fold in 1 tbsp. chocolate chips. Spread mixture into the cupcake pan.
Evenly top with remaining 2 tbsp. chocolate chips, and lightly press into the batter.
Bake 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out mostly clean.
Let cool completely, about 1 hour.






Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 1 brownie (1/12th the recipe)

Calories: 70 Fat: 1.5g Carbs: 14g Fiber: 3g Protein: 4g
Plus 16% DV of immune-boosting Vitamin A (thanks to the pumpkin)!

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