We all love our savory comfort foods.  Pizza, nacho chips, burgers and fries – the list goes on. And you can still enjoy these treats with the 2B Mindset™ and lose weight, especially if you make some smarter swaps. Here are 3 perfect picks to replace your favorite comfort foods.

Regular Pizza Swapped for Egg White Pizzas

Make a round egg white omelet and top with tomato sauce and cheese. You can even get creative and add mushrooms, turkey pepperoni, or whatever you like. These pizzas are incredibly quick and satisfying to make. The omelet base stays firm like a crust, but with no carbs and lots of filling protein. To see how I make it, check out this 1 minute video!

Nacho Chips for Bean-Based Chips and Veggie Sticks

Brands like Beanfields make chips out of beans, and you would seriously never know! I brought them into my toddler’s classroom, and the kids were obsessed! They are lower in fat, and higher in protein and fiber than regular chips. Take 1 oz of your favorite brand of bean-based chips and eat with 1 cup of fresh Jicama or cucumber sticks. Top that off with a squeeze of lime juice, salt and chili powder and you’re good to go. Or get the combo of both with these amazing Jica Chips, which are awesome chips made out of the veggie, Jicama! You can get 25% off both of these items with your first order here.

Burger and fries for the 2B Mindset™ Open Faced Burger and Turnip Fries

An open face is a happy face, especially when it comes to eating a juicy burger and plate of turnip fries that taste just like fries! Be sure to check out this lunch recipe video at 2Bmindset.com. And if you don’t have the video unlocked yet, scroll down below to get full access to it ASAP!