Do You Love Amazon as Much as I do?

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE Amazon! It is a lifesaver for my family and my everyday needs, as well as for last-minute gifts, office items, and pantry staples. It’s my secret weapon for managing a degree of “work-life balance.”

If I had to remember to get Charmin Toilet Paper without ‘subscribe and save’, our home would have a problem. My clients love my Amazon recommendations for everything from Beanfields Bean Chips to this amazing all-natural Simply Delish 5 Calorie Jello.

See more of my favorites below and Happy shopping!

If you like it, you can air fry it!

Keep an Air Fryer (mini convection oven) on your counter and make all the food you want, easily and quickly. It’ll come out slightly crispy on the outside but incredibly tender and juicy on the inside.

The moms I work with say it’s been by far the best way to get their kids to eat veggies and protein. Some of the best foods to air fry are mozzarella sticksmushroomsonionssalmonbeef or meatless burgerschicken nuggetscarrot chips or potato wedges.

Have fun with this one!


Cauliflower Crusts!

These are absolutely delicious and there’s a great deal on them right now! You can get 12 sandwich thins and 4 pizza crusts for one low price. Now is your chance to stock up.

They come refrigerated, are fully cooked, low in carbs and calories, and high in protein. My clients rave about them and use them to make sandwiches for lunch or pizza for dinner, or simply spread with jam as a snack.

Pro tip: heat them up for about 30 seconds before eating.

Note: these may not be suitable for kosher or vegan diets


High Protein Snack!

Tasty, filling, and easy to keep with you at all times for a quick snack wherever you are. Siren Snacks are great when you need to curb that sweet craving. I’ve given these to family, friends, and private clients and they’ve found them to be delicious.

They work well for vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free and kosher diets. All the Siren Snack flavors are good but the best flavor is the poppyseed — trust me on this one ????.

The best part… you can eat the whole bag at one time! I’m not kidding, they have less than 200 calories in the whole bag. You read that correctly, so eat up and enjoy. I’d love to know which flavor Siren Snacks are your favorite. Shoot me an email after you’ve tried them.

SuperTea! Support Gut Health 

My favorite tea company Pique Tea just launched a rare and coveted super tea, famously known as the fermented Pu’er tea!

I’m a huge fan and have found that these provide a great way of providing you with health benefits and a jitter-free alternative to coffees and sodas. The small packages are easy to keep in your purse, glove box or keep in your office desk drawer and all you need is a cup of cold or hot water.

Fermented Pique Tea is made from rare leaves and they only have a limited quantity. If you’re looking to better support your body, don’t miss out and get your hands on these teas before they sell out!

You can shop “My Favorite Tea Collection” anytime and receive 10% off the teas in my collection only (fermented is not included due to its rarity)! Use code ILANA10 at checkout for additional savings for October only.


* As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This has no effect on your purchases and the prices will not change using my affiliates links.

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