If you’re struggling with a sweet tooth, know that there is a balance. I highly recommend setting realistic, healthful, and attainable goals this week. Not “no sugar ever again,” because that can backfire so fast. But how about writing down what you do eat for 2 minutes a day because that’s been proven to improve mindfulness and weight loss results.

Check the recipes below for some sweet cheat treats:

Weight Loss

  • 2 peanut butter cookies
  • A bowl of fruit
  • Greek yogurt with cinnamon

Weight Maintenance

  • 4 peanut butter cookies
  • A bowl of fruit

Weight Gain

  • 4 peanut butter cookies
  • A bowl of candy covered chocolates

You can learn all my strategies to #treatnotcheat within the @2bmindset and my book, so you can discover a healthier relationship with food and sugar for life.

I hope this year is the year you discover the end to “all or nothing” thinking and discover a path that feels more productive and in your control.
You can do it!! Let’s take back the 2020s!!!

As I always say, “nibble it, scribble it, and don’t overthink it. “#treatnotcheat

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