1. It’s ok if you lose weight on weekdays and gain some back on the weekend. People tend beat themselves up when for example, they lose 2 pounds Monday to Friday and gain one back over the weekend. I want people to realize it still means they are losing about a pound a week, which is great! That’s 50 pounds of weight loss in a year all awhile enjoying treats along the way. It should be encouraging to see that there’s a good weekday routine in place. Plus, if she wanted to improve her weekly weight loss results, she would only need to focus on making minor improvements on the weekends to see a greater weight loss overall.

2. If the scale goes up, don’t get mad, get curious. I understand how frustrating it is to see the scale go up, especially if you feel like you’ve been eating well. It’s easy to forget about the random BLTs (bites, licks, and tastes) that add up. It’s important to note that some meals may seem healthy but aren’t so healthy for weight loss. For instance, 1 roll of sushi contains the equivalent of about 3 slices of white bread. Because of this, I created a video within the 2B Mindset program called “help! the scale went up” where I explain many reasons why the scale could go up, so you learn not to always take it so seriously.

3. Blame the food, not yourself! When we eat a whole sleeve of cookies, it is so easy to blame ourselves and feel like a failure. However, it is critical to note that most of these foods are designed to cause addictive eating. For example, Oreo cookies contain a perfect balance of sugar, salt and fat to make it hard for us to stop at just one. Food companies pour millions of dollars into formulations because the more addictive they design the foods, the more dollars we will continue to spend on them. Next time you over eat a food and feel powerless to it, don’t beat yourself up. You aren’t the wrongdoer, the food is, so punish it by avoiding it in the future.

4. Weight loss is much simpler than you are making it. The way you eat should make sense for your busy life. We aren’t living in a paleolithic era. We are not all designed to be vegan or force our bodies into ketosis. No two people are the same, which is why the 2B Mindset helps customize your plan so you can lose weight while continuing to enjoy the foods and flavors you love. This way you actually keep the weight off for good.